Meet Virtuoso

Is it time to change the way you approach recruitment?   Introducing a Recruitment Managed Service or RPO might have more immediate benefits than you think … Meet Virtuoso.

The post pandemic landscape is becoming clearer – and it’s a challenge. Some of the most unlikely industry sectors continue to expand rapidly and some, who have either marked time or held up plans, are now moving back to the expansion trail.  And with furlough and a lack of career opportunities, candidates have had a year or so to consider what the future holds for them. 

The result today is a veritable tsunami of new requirements flooding the market, with candidates in very short supply, and good ones in great demand. 

The result is that across the board it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to attract talent. The impact of that is seen in a number of areas. In-house recruiters simply don’t have the capacity to handle the ramp up of workload; lack of staff holds back operational performance; organisations find it hard to get a competitive advantage and differentiate from the competition; HR professionals spend too much time on recruiting issues; and transformation projects stall. 

It’s time for a new resourcing strategy. 

At Taranata, we deliver recruitment services across a variety of industry sectors for all sizes of organisations and employers. We’re experts in the art of recruitment, so we understand that organisations need additional support to deliver their talent strategy and to bring in external expertise through the appointment of a RPO or Managed Service Provider.  

We know the benefits that can bring, so long as you choose the right partner – creating a new delivery model that will offer a bespoke managed service that truly cares about your company, your brand and building your reputation in the candidate marketplace. And at the same time finding you the talent you need for success. 

 That’s why we created Virtuoso 

 Virtuoso offers bespoke, technology based recruitment solutions with the flexibility and scalability to meet a wide range of resourcing demands, either as part of an in-house team or virtually, but always as part of ‘your’ team. Virtuoso offers the chance to bring professional expertise into your resourcing strategy whatever the industry sector or size of the project.  

 Virtuoso can be a stand-alone service or delivered through one of our market leading brands – either way, it’s designed to be as effective as it is affordable. And, regardless of your requirements, it’s a service delivered by some of the best in the business. 

The response to our launch has been brilliant and we’d love to tell you more about how you can create your very own Virtuoso, so please mail Simone Lockhart, our Commercial Director at or visit to find out more. 

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 The Virtuoso Team