Head Resourcing Celebrates Women in STEM

As a recruitment agency, Head Resourcing is committed to helping address gender imbalance within STEM roles. They believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their passions and reach their full potential, regardless of their gender. As Head Resourcing kick off their 4th year ‘Celebrating Women in STEM’ they are proud of the progress they’ve made as a business but know there’s still more work to do. The campaign aims to shine a light on inspirational women in the industry and what they can do to support the future generation.

The lack of women in STEM roles is a well-documented issue. Women make up only 28% of the STEM workforce and there is a gap between girls and boys that study STEM subjects beyond GCSE/Nat 5 (35% of girls and 80% of boys). This imbalance is not only harmful to women, but it also deprives the STEM sector of a diverse range of talent and perspectives.

Here are some of the ways Head Resourcing is working to help address the gender imbalance within STEM roles:

  •  Leadership commitment: One of Head Resourcing’s Directors has been a key contributor to the gender workstream of SDS’s Scottish Digital Skills Programme. She also sits on the ScotlandIS board and champions many gender diversity initiatives.
  • Industry commitment: They are new signatories of the Tech Talent Charter. This is a government-supported, industry-led membership group that brings together organisations to collaborate, share knowledge and insights, and drive greater diversity and inclusion in technology roles.
  • Celebrating women in STEM: Head Resourcing play an active role in celebrating Ada Lovelace Day with interviews and blogs from women working in STEM. This helps to raise awareness of the role models that are available to young girls and women who are interested in pursuing a career in STEM.
  • Supporting colleagues: Head Resourcing is committed to ensuring that women colleagues have equitable opportunity for progression and promotion and are proud that 58% of their workforce and 60% of their management team are women.
  • They have a comprehensive approach to wellbeing and women’s health: Offering enhanced maternity and paternity leave and pay, a “return to work” program with coaching sessions, up to 10 days paid compassionate leave for complications around pregnancy, birth, and pregnancy loss, a Menopause Support Group, support and additional leave for women during the menopause, a dedicated Menopause information hub on our intranet, and continuous commitment to menopause support through signing the Menopause Workplace Pledge. Head Resourcing also offer private medical with access to specialist women’s health from Peppy.
  • Flexible working – They encourage colleagues to work from the office 40% of their time, but they have chosen not to go with a mandated ‘back to office’ approach. This gives employees the flexibility to work in a way that suits their needs, which can be particularly beneficial for women with caring responsibilities.
  • DEI Working Group – the work of our DEI Working group across the Taranata Group has led to a more data driven approach to our DEI activity. We are currently analysing placement data to identify any disparities or gaps to be addressed and gender is a focus area for this work.
  • Honest Conversations: our Honest Conversations series is an initiative to educate and build awareness of DEI topics, amongst our colleague base. We have welcomed guest speakers to talk about subjects especially relevant to women, such as Menopause in the workplace and the challenges of ‘return to the office’ mandates.
  • Developing the Young Workforce: our Managing Director sits on the Board of DYW, a Scottish Government initiative to support young people better navigate the world of work. We exhibit and support at Roadshows, which include speaking with and encouraging girls to find out more about careers in technology.

Head Resourcing is committed to creating a more inclusive workplace for women in STEM. They believe that by leading by example they can inspire others to do the same and take the leap. By listening to and investing in their women colleagues and partnering with other organisations working to close the gender gap in STEM, they can make a lasting impact for future generations and help build stronger and more equitable and diverse workforces where everyone can thrive.

Follow Head Resourcing as they showcase inspirational women’s stories about their careers, influences and inspiring others to join the STEM industry HERE.