Taking Cybersecurity to the next level

​As a recruitment business dealing with lots of data, we take cyber security very seriously and that’s why we’re so proud to announce we have achieved Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

This is a significant achievement for us, as it demonstrates our commitment to cyber security and our ability to protect our customers and their data. This achievement puts us in a select group of only 23% of medium sized firms (50-249 employees) that have achieved either CE+ or the equivalent ISO 27001 across the whole of the UK.

Why consider cyber security accreditation?

Achieving Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation is just one of the ways that we’re committed to protecting our customers and their data. Our IT team are constantly working to stay ahead of the latest threats. We also invest heavily in security technologies and solutions to ensure that our systems are as secure as possible.

Cyber security accreditation is a process that assesses an organisation’s security measures and verifies that they meet specific standards. This could be done through third-party audits, certifications, or other forms of accreditation. Cyber security accreditation is important for businesses because it helps to ensure that their data and systems are secure from potential threats, such as cyber attacks or data breaches.

To achieve Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, organisations must undergo a self-assessment and a technical assessment by a qualified assessor. We’re proud to say that we passed both assessments with flying colours.

​​But why?

There’s a variety of internally and externally driven reasons business should be looking at this area.

  • Continuous improvement in everything including best practice efforts to secure business data and systems.
  • Financial impact of a data breach today in terms of potential regulatory body fines, cost to restore and business loss from reputational damage are all reasons why it makes sense for businesses to invest and plan in this area.
  • Required by your clients – more and more companies require some kind of accreditation from their partners with CE+ now becoming a requirement for companies bidding for most government contracts involving provision of services involving personal data.
  • Cyber Insurance providers are also frequently requiring businesses to achieve CE+/ISO27001 accreditation as a pre-requisite for cover.

Author: Conor Bradley, Head of IT at Taranata Group.